Biological Controls

See the white sachet? Those are Bio Bugs!
See the white sachet? Those are Bio Bugs!

Natural Pest Control at MacArthur's Nurseries Inc.

Over the past several years, we have implemented many green initiatives as part of our long term commitment to improve processes that impact the environment. One of our initiatives is related to pest control. We understand our customers want healthy plants grown in a natural and sustainable way.

Our Goal

To grow the highest quality ornamentals and vegetable plants using pest control methods that are environmentally sustainable and safe for both our customers and staff.

Our Practices

Over the last ten years, we have steadily developed and refined our ability to control pests by natural methods. These methods include introducing into our crops a wide variety of naturally occurring beneficial insects and mites that actively search and destroy harmful pests. By using these practices, we have been able to completely eliminate the use of all synthetic insecticides and fungicides on our crops.

Our Commitment

No method of pest control, whether it be natural or synthetic, is 100% effective. However, by employing naturally occurring enemies of major greenhouse pests, we have been successful in achieving a level of pest suppression that exceeds that which is possible by chemical pest control.

We are committed to continuing with the program that we embarked upon ten years ago. As we continue to develop and sharpen our skills of working with a host of natural pest control agents, we gain increasing confidence in their ability to do the work of keeping our plants free of pest damage and safe for our customers to bring home.

For more detailed information and examples of Biological Controls and how they work, please refer to:

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