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Succulent Arrangement in Heart Shaped Pot

Succulent Arrangement in Heart Shaped Pot

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These succulent cuttings were planted with love in a clay pot handmade in NB by The Clayspace.

Please note: Each pot is 3 inches deep and approximately 4 inches wide with 9 succulents planted. As each pot is unique, there are slight variances in shape, size, and colour. 

Succulents are low maintenance and easy to care for. To allow for root growth and vibrant, healthy plants follow our care instructions below:


Wait until the soil is completely dry and then water thoroughly. Don’t be tempted to water if soil is at all moist!


Succulents do best in bright light! Put them as close to a window as you can. This will promote root growth and avoid stretching of the plants.


When your plants get too big for the pot, you can replant them to a larger pot with drainage and reuse your Clayspace heart pot for years to come.

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